Bob Spinner

Bob is a founding partner and managing director of Jackson Square Ventures. Bob was CEO of Extensity, bringing the company public in 2000. He currently focuses on cloud apps, security and big data, with an operational focus on helping startups build world-class go-to-market teams.

Marco DeMiroz

Marco is General Partner with The Venture Reality Fund actively investing in the VR/AR space. Previously, Marco was President and CEO of mobile gaming leader PlayFirst, Inc., acquired by Glu Mobile in 2014. Prior to The VR Fund, Marco was Managing Director with Evolution Media Partners.

John Spinale

John is General Partner with JAZZ Venture Partners where he invests in early-stage VR and content companies. A successful entrepreneur, John was previously GM of Disney’s mobile and social games division, launching chart topping hits and driving Disney’s multi-hundred million dollar business.

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